There are many recipes where I don’t specify certain ingredients. I have however, made a list of what I usually use or have in my pantry.

– I buy organic whenever I can, that is when it’s available. If it’s unavailable, I skip it. This includes ALL produce, cocoa, sugars, flours, meats, nuts, grains, pasta, with the exception of honey. I also buy only wild-caught fish.

– I normally have four cheeses on hand – vintage Gouda & smoked Gouda, imported from The Netherlands, Roquefort and Brie imported from France.

– Cream cheese – I use the alternative by Vegan Gourmet.

– Butter – Kerrygold, unsalted, imported from Ireland. 

– Milk – Organic Valley, unsweetened soy milk.

– Flours – Bob’s Red Mill, organic, whole-wheat and all-purpose unbleached white-flour.

– Oils – Extra-virgin olive oil and cold-pressed peanut oil. I also currently have in my possession, a beautiful bottle of cold-pressed macadamia nut oil from Hawaii.

– Eggs – Farmer Jon’s Valley Pride Duck Eggs, from Stiebrs Farms. Duck eggs taste completely different to chicken eggs. Once you cook with them… you’ll definitely notice the difference. They are far richer, and are excellent for baking with. During Winter months, I opt for Stiebrs Farms large chicken eggs.

– Sugar – raw turbinado and dark muscovado sugar. When I need a fine sugar, similar to icing (confectioner’s) sugar, I either blitz the turbinado or pound it in my pestle and mortar.

– Chocolate – Valrhona, imported from France – contains soy lecithin, so I now use Alter-Eco and Equal Exchange chocolate. Both are organic, don’t contain unnecessary emulsifiers and free trade! 

– Water – ALWAYS filtered.


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