Revive Wilted Celery

I’m pretty sure most of us have done it – that is to buy fruit and vegetables with the best intentions, and then forget about them. This rarely happens to me, until today – the vegetable in question, was celery. I do my grocery shopping every Thursday, and when I get in, I’m in a rush to shove everything into the refrigerator, without a second thought. 

I didn’t need the celery until Tuesday. On reaching into the refrigerator today, I found a lovely bunch of wilting celery.

Most people would probably discard this, but not I. Don’t ever throw away wilting celery – it CAN be rescued and restored to its former crisp glory.




1. Take the bunch of wilting celery and slice off about 1-2 cm (½ – ¾ inch) off the bottom. Place the bunch, cut side down into a glass of cold water.  

2. Allow to sit for at least 1 hour or overnight. You will then be greeted with a bunch of crisp celery, to use and enjoy at your pleasure.


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