Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Balls with Coconut Sugar

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I have not celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) for many many years. “Celebrating” in my family meant receiving red envelopes and gorging on good, homemade, traditional Chinese food.

It’s been twenty years since I celebrated Chinese New Year with my folks! They do still go about the tradition with my siblings, but living 5,000+ miles away doesn’t make it easy to rush over for dinner.

This year, I wanted to eat something “special” for CNY. Continue reading

Mixed Lentil, Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

lentil carrot and sweet potato soup

Finding new and creative ways to make meals with just beans and lentils as the protein source is a little challenging for me. I didn’t grow up eating beans/lentils, but I now eat them on a daily basis. Fortunately, I enjoy them with just salt and pepper, but even that gets old at times.

I had spied a wonderful soup recipe made with lentils, carrots and potatoes. All good stuff, Continue reading

Homemade Chocolate Ice Magic (Magic Shell)

ice magic bowl

Did you marvel at ice magic (magic shell) as much as I did as a kid? No? Why not? Heck, I’m sure there are adults who still marvel at it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is not realizing that you can make this stuff at home with good ingredients – chocolate, coconut oil and a pinch of salt. It’s really that easy, and it’s totally customizable. You can use milk, dark (bittersweet or semisweet), white chocolate, Continue reading

Gluten-Free Asparagus and Leek Quiche (Dairy-Free)

gf quiche leek and asparagus

Quiche can be a little bit of a challenge when feeding someone who is gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free… that’s when this recipe comes to the rescue.

My previous favorites were ham, mushrooms and lots of mature Cheddar; roasted red peppers with goat cheese, and smoked salmon with broccoli.

As time moved on, my quiche evolved. Here the pastry/crust from brown and Continue reading

Crisp Chocolate and Vanilla Meringue Cookies (Honey-Sweetened)

honey sweetened meringue cookies

Along with leftover sour cream, we often have leftover egg whites we keep in the freezer. Where do all these egg whites come from? Usually our chocolate chip cookies (oh and from eggnog). With so many in the freezer, we tried egg white scrambles , but were not impressed, so it was back to the drawing board.

Since my huge dietary change about two years ago, one of the main textures I miss is crunch/crispness. I was Continue reading

Kettle Popcorn

kettle popcorn

This popcorn so addictive. It has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. I had no idea what kettle corn was until very recently. I had seen it being sold in fairs/carnivals etc, but not once did I try any (worries of GMO corn). The thing is, I do love popcorn, and used to coat it thickly with butter and sugar, but that was in my past life. Nowadays, I toss it with olive/coconut oil and sea salt (oh by the way, I lurrrrrrve salt).

I find it incredible the price that people are willing to pay for Continue reading

Best-Ever Gluten-Free Carrot Cake with Cashew Cream Icing

coconut butter carrot cake w cashew cream

Moist. Succulent. Tender. Moreish. These are the words I’d use to describe this carrot cake. It is paleo-friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and sweetened with honey.

After discovering that coconut butter isn’t only tasty, but can be used as the base of cakes (see paleo chocolate brownie), I was dying to create a carrot cake with it. The ingredients are simple. The flavor and texture are unbelievable. However, I wasn’t sold on the cashew cream icing. Continue reading

Cinnamon Walnut Sour Cream Coffee Cake

cinnamon walnut sour cream coffee cake

“This is the best coffee cake I’ve ever eaten” said A, as he dug into this deliciously moist cake. I won’t even say how many pieces he had in one sitting…

You know, I had never heard of “coffee cake” before I moved to the US. When I tried it, I did wonder why on earth it didn’t taste like coffee, just as the name stated. I later realized that they were called coffee cake because they are meant to be eaten with coffee. But this cake is so good, you can enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Paleo Coconut Flour Banana Waffles (Gluten-, Dairy-Free)

coconut flour banana waffle

My sister gifted me this awesome hob (stove-top) waffle iron for Christmas. I was excited because I could finally make and eat waffles without worrying about the gluten-ified electric waffle iron. I went online to hunt for a suitable paleo-friendly and dairy-free waffle recipe. This is pretty much it… these waffles are simple to make and are sweetened ripe bananas. They are soft and spongy, making them perfect to sop up lots of syrup (if you’re that way inclined). Continue reading

Frozen Whipped Cream for Hot Chocolate

frozen whipped cream

We rarely have double (heavy) or whipping cream in our fridge, but when we do, it’s usually for something like chocolate cream pie, banana cream pie or chicken alfredo. When there are leftovers, we run about thinking what to do with it.

A loves hot chocolate. He particularly loves it with whipped cream. Not just any whipped cream.. it has to be freshly whipped cream, lightly sweetened with a hint of vanilla (talk about picky).   Continue reading

Coconut Milk Eggnog (Dairy-Free, Honey-Sweetened)

df coconut milk eggnog

I find the store-bought eggnog pretty artificial tasting and yucky… that’s from me just tasting it. When I actually read the ingredients, I feel even yuckier.

We never drank eggnog growing up, although my mummy used to make us an eggnog-gy-esque drink, which was made from full-fat (whole) milk, eggs and sugar, and was enjoyed warm. Notice there were no spices involved. I had a love-hate relationship with this drink. Continue reading