Buttery Palmiers with Cinnamon Sugar


I had a batch of puff pastry I made a while back, and it was time I needed to use it up. I decided to make delicious buttery palmiers with cinnamon sugar. They are quick and easy to make and everyone will love them.

Use store-bought, ready-rolled, butter puff pastry for a quick cheat. They are perfect for general snacking or afternoon tea. Continue reading


Vegetable Curry Patties


I’ve been craving those yellow tinged Jamaican curry patties for so long! The last time I had one, was probably in 2004, when I was still living in London. The turmeric spiced, soft, yet short pastry, encased a delicious, curried minced (ground) lamb filling. I can taste them now. 

The thought of curry patties had subsided until this February. This was when J had some vegetable curry patties whilst up in Vancouver B.C. They’ve been playing on my mind ever since!!!!

I decided to take a recipe and veganize it.   Continue reading

Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts (Dan Tat)

I’m back!

I put in 60+ hours in my first working week. This was because I was stashing away hours, so when my brother was visiting from the UK, I didn’t have to work. It worked out pretty well. I’m now back on 40 hours a week, which gives me more procrastination time in the kitchen.

I have a love for egg custard. It’s the combination of milk, sugar and eggs that is ever-so tempting for me. It could be plain old crème anglaise, crème patisserie or just a good ole egg custard tart. Portuguese, Chinese or English – I love them all. I am known to devour numerous egg tarts at one sitting. Continue reading

All-Butter Croissants


I’ve been spoilt, so spoilt that I’ve tasted fresh croissants in France. And once you’ve tasted the real deal in France, nothing will ever come close in comparison. So, if you ever happen to be visiting France, do NOT, I repeat do NOT try their fresh croissants. Otherwise, you’ll suffer a life-long torment in searching for the perfect croissant again.

Most people are daunted by making croissants, but not I – the more challenging something is supposed to be, the more motivated I become. It’s true that making croissants at home can take a little time, but apart from the initial mixing of the dough, it’s not that labor intensive. Continue reading

Almond & Date Tarts


These tarts are sure to impress. They are simply divine. The frangipane goes wonderfully well with the buttery crust and the treacle-like sweetness from the dates. They are however, extremely high in calories and fat – so I keep the recipe only for special occasions. 

They’re easy to make and if you’re stuck for time or a little daunted by making your own Continue reading

All-Butter Puff Pastry


Yes, I know that this picture is pretty pathetic, but read on… 

Puff pastry has been on my to-do list for so long. I’ve just not found the excuse to make it because I wouldn’t use it in everyday cooking. I rarely cook with puff-pastry, in fact the last time I did cook with it was probably around 2000. That was when I was a lot unhealthier. I’d buy Asda’s frozen Continue reading

Leek & Goat Cheese Quiche


Spinach & pine-nut, Lorraine, ham & broccoli, roasted red pepper and goat cheese are all flavors of quiche that I love.

Quiche is more often than not, loaded with saturated fat. Take the rich-buttery crust, which is then filled with a custard base with far too much cream, full-fat milk and to top it off tons of cheese.

I tone down the fat in my quiche by using a mixture of unsweetened soy milk and water; I also use very strong mature (sharp) cheese, if required – that way, you only need a tiny bit. Continue reading