Moroccan-Inspired Quinoa Salad


In this Moroccan-style dish, quinoa is tossed with orange segments, dried apricots, sultanas (raisins), roasted whole almonds, cumin and garlic flakes.

It’s the perfect accompaniment to grilled vegetables, barbecued meats or fish. I find it particularly good with lamb. It can be enjoyed warm or cold. It’s quick and easy to make, sweet, fruity, nutty and packed full of flavor. Continue reading


Moroccan-Style Meatballs with Herbed Couscous


I must have at least eight different varieties of rice in my pantry, but even someone of Chinese descent needs to have an alternative… so I made couscous. I haven’t had couscous for ages. It’s super-easy to make, convenient and highly versatile. It can be made plain, used in salads or soups, sweetened for dessert or well-seasoned for a wonderful side dish.

In this recipe, succulent, cumin-spiced meatballs are served in a thick and rich tomato sauce over herby couscous. The dish is easy to make, and packs a wonderful punch in the flavor department. The way I’ve cooked the tomato sauce here is a little unconventional – Continue reading

Ethiopian-Style Vegetable Stew with Chicken


Back in the 80’s when I was growing up, all of the news broadcasts covered the famine in Ethiopia. The only food in the famine-stricken areas were the handouts supplied by aid workers. The images of starving children in Ethiopia is something that I still carry around with me.

Up until recently, the only things I could associate with Ethiopia were famine, endless human misery, World class runners, and Lucy. This was due to my own ignorance. Ethiopian cuisine is relatively new to me, but the flavors are vast, Continue reading