Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles

These waffles are crisp on the outside and incredibly soft and moist on the inside. They are easy to make, and are perfect for breakfast or brunch. Be sure to use a deep waffle iron to create the biggest pockets for butter and syrup! Continue reading


Gluten-Free Asparagus and Leek Quiche (Dairy-Free)

gf quiche leek and asparagus

Quiche can be a little bit of a challenge when feeding someone who is gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free… that’s when this recipe comes to the rescue.

My previous favorites were ham, mushrooms and lots of mature Cheddar; roasted red peppers with goat cheese, and smoked salmon with broccoli.

As time moved on, my quiche evolved. Here the pastry/crust from brown and Continue reading

Cinnamon Walnut Sour Cream Coffee Cake

cinnamon walnut sour cream coffee cake
“This is the best coffee cake I’ve ever eaten” said A, as he dug into this deliciously moist cake. I won’t even say how many pieces he had in one sitting…

You know, I had never heard of “coffee cake” before I moved to the US. When I tried it, I did wonder why on earth it didn’t taste like coffee, just as the name stated. I later realized that they were called coffee cake because they are meant to be eaten with coffee. But this cake is so good, you can enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Paleo Coconut Flour Banana Waffles (Gluten-, Dairy-Free)

coconut flour banana waffle

My sister gifted me this awesome hob (stove-top) waffle iron for Christmas. I was excited because I could finally make and eat waffles without worrying about the gluten-ified electric waffle iron. I went online to hunt for a suitable paleo-friendly and dairy-free waffle recipe. This is pretty much it… these waffles are simple to make and are sweetened ripe bananas. They are soft and spongy, making them perfect to sop up lots of syrup (if you’re that way inclined). Continue reading

Danish Pastries – Cherry, Pastry Cream and Chocolate Chip

danish pastries

The last time I made Danish pastries was for my birthday in 2009. This was about a year before honeyandspice was born. In fact, I had blogged about it in my private blog back then. Time got the best of me, and I hadn’t revisited this recipe for over 4 years!!! The photos I had then were pretty crude. Also, my cooking skills weren’t nearly as honed in as they are now.

I’d been planning to make Danish pastries again for some time now. In fact, I made homemade cherry jam especially for cherry Danishes (A’s favorite). The cherry jam had been sitting in the freezer since summer 2012! Continue reading

Millet Pancakes (gluten- and dairy-free)

millet pancakes

Yes, I know, yet another gluten-, dairy-, gum- and psyllium-free pancake recipe.

Unfortunately, it’s not the best pancake recipe in the world. It has been included into my blog for completeness… one day, I’ll get it right. It’s definitely not a recipe I’d endorse because there’s just something not quite right about them. I’ve made them twice, and they are just so dry. When I mean dry, I mean if you dare eat one on its own with no syrup, you will most likely choke on them…they really are _THAT_ dry. It’s like eating a bucket of sand, but with flavor. I later read somewhere that millet flour has a tendency of making goods dry… d’uh, now you tell me! In my defense, I am new to this gluten-free “baking” malarkey. Continue reading

Oat and Blueberry Pancakes (gluten-, dairy- and gum-free)

gf oat blueberry pancakes

I am so excited: I can now have blueberry pancakes! These gluten- and dairy-free pancakes are awesome…  a wonderful change from the last couple of gluten-free pancake recipes that I tried. Those were pretty bad. I tried them twice, and each time was as bad as the last.

From what I’ve read about gluten-free pancakes/muffins, no gums etc are usually needed to hold the batter together. However, I had two fall apart on me when flipping, so I added a little psyllium, let the batter sit for a bit, and then tried again. They remainder of the pancakes were easy to flip and cooked perfectly.

These pancakes taste like soft oatmeal cookies… warm, oaty, cinnamony, with Continue reading