Prepare a Mature Coconut

A mature coconut is round with a brown, hard husk. It has a richer flesh and less water than a young coconut. 

The main objective for breaking into a mature coconut is to get at the flesh. It can be eaten on its own, in curries, grated (shredded) and dehydrated or frozen in bags until required.




 1. Using a nail and hammer, make large holes in the three dark eyes of the coconut. 


2. Tip the coconut upside down into a glass to catch the liquid. You can drink this liquid, if you wish. 


3. Wrap the coconut in a few tea (kitchen) towels and on a hard surface, hammer until the hard shell is broken. 


4. With a very sharp knife, prise off the hard shell from the coconut flesh. You will be left with a relatively hard brown skin. 


5. Using a very sharp knife, remove the hard brown skin and rinse. You will now have delicious coconut flesh to devour or to use in any recipe you wish.  


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