Skin a Plantain

Plantain is a starchy fruit that is related to the banana. It can be eaten when unripe and green, and also ripe and yellow. On all occasions however, plantain needs to be cooked. There are recipes that call for sliced, skin-on plantain, but there are also ones that require peeled plantain, such as my recipe for microwaved plantain chips.

Plantains are pretty difficult to peel, especially when green. This method will show you how to de-skin one with ease. Once peeled, used in any recipe you wish.




1. If chilled, bring plantain to room temperature.

2. Lie the plantain on its side on a cutting board.

3. Top and tail.

4.  Score the skin along the length of the plantain in 3-4 sections.

5. Peel each section of skin off one at a time.

6. You are left with a naked plantain to use in any recipe you choose.


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