Keep Fresh Herbs Fresh

I used to shy away from fresh herbs. This was because they were not only expensive, but they were only available in large bunches. Most recipes call for 1-2 T of fresh herbs, which meant wastage. I hate any sort of wastage, especially food wastage!

Nowadays, I’ve learnt a trick where you can keep your fresh bunches of herbs, such as mint, parsley or coriander (cilantro) for at least 2 weeks! I haven’t tried it with other herbs, such as rosemary, sage, dill, oregano, as they don’t usually come in bunches.




1. Take the bunch of herbs as you bought them (that is, with the tag/elastic/rubber band still attached). Snip off the ends of the stalks and place them into a glass filled with filtered water.

2. Wrap two kitchen (paper) towels around the leaves and cover loosely with a plastic bag.

3. Place the whole contraption in the refrigerator. Change the water every few days.


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