Traditional Tiramisu


The number of times I have made tiramisu is countless. However, I am only blogging about it now, because I finally have a photo for the entry. Yay! This recipe is simple, and yields the most delicious tiramisu. It’s also quick and easy to make. I was a little reluctant to make this for A, as he doesn’t drink coffee, Continue reading

Oven-Baked Plantain Fries


I have a serious problem with plantain chips. I open a bag, and they’re gone. For me, the most addictive variety is made by Turbana. Plantain chips are a great alternative to potato chips (nightshade-free) and are incredibly addictive. A small handful is never enough. I think on my worst week (or best, depending how you see it), I ate six; yes six 200 g (7 oz) bags. If you’re into counting calories, that’s a total of 6300 calories, Continue reading

Mashed Celeriac (nightshade-free)


I was never a huge fan of mashed potatoes as a kid. I blame this on school dinners (I mean lunch, school lunches), which consisted of lumpy and watery mash, ugh. Later, I upgraded to instant mash… I know, I know, instant mash! Even then, I was eating it out of convenience rather than something I craved. That was until I had A’s mash. He makes the best mash in the world, seriously! It’s creamy, dreamy, smooth, and just so darn good! Continue reading