Paleo Soda Bread (gluten-, dairy-, refined sugar-free)

This paleo-friendly bread is simply delicious. It was so good that I ate the whole loaf in one day. Did I say that out loud? I guess I did, but then again, I am a piglet.

The bread is made mainly with eggs, chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, almond meal, and nutritional yeast.  Continue reading


Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles

These waffles are crisp on the outside and incredibly soft and moist on the inside. They are easy to make, and are perfect for breakfast or brunch. Be sure to use a deep waffle iron to create the biggest pockets for butter and syrup! Continue reading

Paleo Banoffee Pie (dairy-, gluten-, refined sugar-free)

Banoffee pie is an English pie made with bananas, toffee (condensed milk heated in the can for hours) and whipped cream. This recipe takes all the baddies out of the equation: gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and replaces it with nutritious ingredients: almonds, coconut oil, dates, honey, cashew butter and coconut cream.
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Quinoa Flour Crackers (gluten-, dairy-free)

Cheese and crackers go so well together. Most gluten-free crackers contain ingredients I choose not to eat, so I decided to make my own to go with my dairy-free cheezes.

I initially made this recipe using brown rice flour, Continue reading


Carob, Coconut & Sunflower Bites (paleo)

After reading about carob and how it tastes like cocoa, I was fascinated and bought a bag. During that time, I hadn’t eaten chocolate or cocoa for a while because it was causing me issues. An alternative to cocoa that tastes like cocoa? Sign me up. Continue reading


Traditional British Apple Crumble

Here’s an old favorite of mine, apple crumble. It’s hard to believe that such a wonderful dessert can be madewith only five ingredients. Stewed Granny Smith apples are topped with a sweet, buttery crumble topping. It’s great with cream, vanilla ice cream or custard. I had never baked this for A until his folks were coming over for dinner. Continue reading


Spinach, Arugula, Kabocha & Buckwheat Salad

This salad is vibrant, full of flavor and incredibly nutritious. It consists of baby spinach, arugula, buckwheat, brazil nuts, raisins, crispy garlic and a poached egg. I usually drizzle this with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. It’s one of my favorite weekend lunch salads. Continue reading


Moist Orange Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

A had requested an orange cake for his birthday, and this is what I came up with. As I am typing this, I realize exactly how far behind I am with my blog entries. This cake wasn’t made last year, but the previous! I have no excuse, other than I have been lazy and doing other things.

… back to the cake. Continue reading


Rice Krispies Treats (gluten-, dairy-, refined sugar-free)

These treats are sweet, chewy, crispy, and made with just four ingredients: honey coconut butter, Barbara’s brown rice crisps (a healthier version of rice krispies) and salt. There have been so many variations of this recipe that I can’t remember where the original recipe came from. Continue reading


Cheddar Cheese (dairy-free, vegan)

When we grew up, cheese was foreign to us. Our first introduction to “cheese” was the Kraft processed slices. We then upgraded to Cheddar, a generic Cheddar, which I am 100% sure wasn’t made in Cheddar. We’d often go with mild. As we grew up, our taste buds honed in on the maturer (sharper) Cheddar. I used to enjoy it as a snacking cheese, on toast, grated on a jacket potato slathered with butter and Heinz baked beans, and over chips (thick cut fries). Continue reading


Coconut Cream Cheese (dairy-free, vegan)

Cream cheese, oh, cream cheese… soo thick, so creamy, so cool, so perfect when spread thickly on a toasted bagel. Those were the days… I could easily use one package of cream cheese on one toasted bagel. However, if people were watching, I’d have half a bagel with half the package. I certainly didn’t dilly dally with a smearing of cream cheese on bagels. Continue reading


Spreadable Black Pepper Cheese (dairy-free, vegan)

One of my favorite spreadable cheeses used to be Boursin with black pepper. Most of it would go directly into my mouth from the foil wrapper, but on special occasions (read, when I could wait), it would make its way onto a cracker, thickly spread in all its glory. Continue reading