Taco-Less Tacos with Nori Sheets

taco-less tacos with nori sheets

I tried the hard taco shells many moons ago, and I really didn’t like them. I’m more of a soft tortilla gal, and since I find the gluten-free tortillas so unpalatable, I use more natural wrappers, such as collard greens, lettuce, or in this case, roasted seaweed. Yes, nori sheets… wonderful and versatile!

The problem is that since I don’t eat meat, nightshades or dairy, tacos can be a little boring. I ended up with guacamole, sweet potatoes, lettuce and beans. Not bad, but not the most exciting meal in the world. The idea behind this entry is to encourage you to use wraps made out of vegetables, such as nori sheets, collard greens or lettuce, rather than eat the commercial ones that are rock hard or non-pliable.



  • nori sheets (can also use the leafy parts of collard greens or lettuce)
  • fillings of your choice*

* I used steamed sweet potatoes, nightshade-free guacamole, coriander (cilantro), black beans and lettuce


1. Place fillings onto your nori sheet, fold over and enjoy!


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