Catching Up

Was it really January when I last updated this blog? Wow. That’s kind of shocking, but time got away from me, and well, here I am madly trying to catch up! It’s not that blogging had become a chore, more that life got in the way. You know how it is! I could make all the excuses in the world, but I choose not to. I was just lazy, ok?

Not to worry. Now that I have some time free, I can add some of the recipes I’ve tried over the last (nearly) 5 months (!) Some of them good, some of them bad, and some of them, plain darn ugly. Ok, I lied about the latter one, but still!

Since the end of January, I’m still happily creating and eating foods that exclude the following: gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar/agave/coconut sugar/maple syrup, oats, peanuts, sesame seeds, processed oils such as canola and mammalian meat. You know, I’m feeling all the better for it. To some, I have become super-picky and boring, but I don’t care about that! Most people wonder what I do eat, and to be honest with you, I eat such a huge variety and abundance of produce, it’s incredible. The nutrients you can get from eating such things is something to really write home about. And for the record, no I don’t eat the gluten-free substitute BS that grocery stores sell.

My new entries will include “me-safe” foods and “not me-safe foods”, such as kabocha, green beans, spinach and chickpea quinoa, crunchy spiced almonds, massaged (yes, you read it right) dinosaur kale salad, grain-free chocolate sponge roll with oranges and cream, grain-free banana bread, blueberry bran muffins, grain-free coconut flour chocolate cake frosting, strawberry cream vanilla sandwich cake, creamy coconut curry and lentil soup, paleo chocolate brownie with blueberries, prawns, broccoli, tomato, peas and garlic pasta, hummus/vegetable nori wraps and vanilla fudge. Keep ya eyes peeled, cos they’re coming your way soon!


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