Finally catching up

Hi Y’all,

I can finally start catching up with my blog! So many things have happened from the time when I religiously updated my blog to the present day. My blog suffered.

Amongst these events, I was diagnosed with the onset of Hashimoto’s disease. You can read more about my journey in this blog. Because of this, my naturopath recommended that I cut out all gluten from my diet.

There are so many recipes I would like to upload, a lot of them from last year! I did manage to get off my lazy a$$ and write them up, but only saved them as drafts since I didn’t have any spare time available to check them for content. Now, I have the time, so there are NO excuses!

You will notice “new” recipes popping up in my blog, but back dated to the era when they were made. The posts will include oldies such as cranberry sauce, butter shortbread, Snickerdoodles, potato gnocchi, chocolate cream pie, buttercream candies, soft and chewy caramel (toffee), as well as newer recipes, which reflect my gluten-free diet: gluten-free gravy, egg crepes, coconut macaroons (gluten- and egg-free), coconut macaroons (gluten- and dairy-free)flourless chocolate cake, and vegan dark chocolate mousse.

From the point where I have caught on with my blog entries, any gluten-laden recipes will be made not for me, but for others to enjoy.

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