Recent Hiatus

So, it has come to this: me neglecting my blog!

I cannot believe it was September 17 since my last entry, but it was. It seemed like yesterday when I made the custard tart that I devoured all on my own.

The reason for neglecting this blog? Maybe it should be more my excuse. Ok, so my excuse is that I’ve been really busy. Busy trying to sort out the aftermath of a major life event that happened, busy juggling life, work and play, and busy practically doing nothing at the same time (if possible).

I’m hopeful that the big mess will all be over pretty soon, and I can get back to blogging about the food. There is a backlog of recipes that are I am dying to share: chocolate and peanut butter fudge, lemon mousse cake, chocolate meringue buttercream and the ultimate chocolate cake.

Until then, keep your eyes peeled, your bellies full and a big smile on your face!


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