Meyer Lemon Cake

Ok, I just don’t get it. What? The whole hoo-ha about Meyer lemons. For many years, I’ve heard how great, wonderful and totally amazingly these lemons were. In a sense, this is why I put off using them for so long. I didn’t feel worthy enough to try such awesome lemons. However, when a net came my way, how could I decline?

Having not read that much into the Meyer lemon, I was uncertain of what to expect. I decided to make this recipe because it sounded fantastic. After all, it was called the “the best damn Meyer lemon cake”. On grating the zest of the lemons, I found that it had a slightly Continue reading


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (butter-free)

Yes, another chocolate chip cookie recipe. This recipe was found somewhere on the interweb, and fortunately for them, I can’t remember where. Although the resulting cookies are chewy, the flavor is just not right, well, not for me at least. The fat in this recipe is 100% shortening. I used cold pressed organic palm oil, but it just didn’t taste right. The cookies still tasted synthetic. Sorry, but I prefer the butter-laden cookies.

The only reason why I wanted to try a cookie made with 100% shortening was because firstly, I had heard that shortening in cookies makes them incredibly delicious, and secondly, I had a tub sitting in my pantry. Continue reading