Toasted Black Sesame (Goma) Ice Cream – Vegan

Ever since I ordered black sesame jin dui (fried sesame glutinous rice balls) at a dim sum restaurant in Vancouver B.C., J has been slightly obsessed with the aromatic flavor of black sesame seeds. He refused to eat any jin dui stuffed with red bean paste! I, on the other hand, am no stranger to the wonderful aromas of black sesame seeds. One of my favorite desserts is sweet black sesame soup.

When I saw the recipe for “black sesame ice cream” in my latest test book “The Vegan Scoop”, I just had to try it! I adapted the recipe by toasting Continue reading


Perfect Pistachio Ice Cream – Vegan

There are so many food items, especially vegan/dairy-free foodstuffs that contain either xanthan gum or guar gum. I used to avoid xanthan gum, because I knew it was most likely derived from corn, one of the highest GMO crops produced in the US. I now avoid both xanthan and guar gum because I have discovered that I am allergic to them.

I have a love for ice cream. It was one of the things I missed immensely when I gave up US dairy (due to allergies to organic dairy). A lot of dairy-free/vegan ice creams Continue reading

Chewy Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies – Gluten-Free

If you ever have a recipe that calls for a load of egg yolks, you’re often left in a quandary – what to do with the egg whites? I normally chuck them into a zip-lock (freezer) bag and freeze them until needed… only I rarely get around to using them.

So, what to do with egg whites? This recipe will give you one option. Whip them up into a meringue-like batter, stir in some cocoa, Continue reading

Mango Ice Lollies (Pops)

There are many hours that I wile away dreaming about the foods I used to eat when I used to live in the UK. Two of my favorite factory-made ice creams were Magnum and Solero. Although I can probably buy something similar here in the US, I’d most likely be allergic to the ingredients. The older version of the solero had a mango fruit exterior, which encased a creamy vanilla ice cream. Oh, how I miss biting off the mango skin and exposing the vanilla-ry ice cream.

This weekend, I had leftover mango pulp from making a batch of mango cake. I simply Continue reading

Coffee Gelato – Dairy-Free

I’ve been going through a dairy-free iced dessert phase recently, and this is one of the newest creations. The flavor and texture of this gelato is exceptional. It’s creamy, has a wonderful coffee aroma, and is perfect for that summertime treat, or that sophisticated dinner party dessert.

It’s simple to make and just calls for a few simple ingredients. For the best flavor, make sure you use espresso or very strong coffee, and duck egg Continue reading

Dutch Ginger Spice Cake (Gember Kruidkoek)

This delicious loaf is perfect for ginger lovers. It’s not like a traditional cake; it’s more like a chewy bread. It’s dense, lightly sweet, nicely spiced, low in fat and exceptionally gingery, and is perfect for vegan or dairy-free individuals. To serve, the loaf should be sliced thinly and enjoyed with lashings of butter/vegan buttery spread.

J loves this type of ginger cake, as much as the traditional honingkoek. We could purchase Continue reading