Honey Peanut Clusters


When we lived in London, there was this place we’d pick up honey peanuts in the weekend whilst walking through town. Those honey peanuts were darn tasty. No matter how much we’d buy, they’d always be gone by the end of the weekend! They were just so deliciously moreish!

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Whole Wheat Soda Farls – Vegan


There are the stupidest things that I miss from the UK…  the availability of soda farls being one of them. Although the ones we used to buy were factory made, I knew no better. I wasn’t into baking/making bread then. They used to be a treat for us in the weekend – I’d often grill them with Cheddar cheese.

Since working with allrecipes.com, I thought it was in my best interest to try out some of the UK/Ireland recipes. The farls were quick and easy to make and tasted wonderful. Continue reading