One of my favorite drinks/desserts is an affogato. I was only first introduced to this Italian delight in Cyprus five years ago. It couldn’t be any more simple – it’s freshly brewed espresso and a good quality ice-cream. It’s extravagantly simple, yet amazingly delicious. 

I love sipping the hot, freshly brewed smooth, dark espresso through the cool, thick layer of creamy vanilla ice-cream.

It can be served as a drink in a dainty demitasse or in a bowl for dessert. Whichever way, it’s absolutely divine!



Serves 1



  • 1 x espresso shot/very strong coffee
  • 1 x small scoop of good quality vanilla ice-cream, I recommend Aldens



1. Pour the freshly brewed espresso/very strong coffee over the ice cream in a cup or bowl, enjoy!


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