Danish Pastries – Cherry, Pastry Cream and Chocolate Chip

danish pastries

The last time I made Danish pastries was for my birthday in 2009. This was about a year before honeyandspice was born. In fact, I had blogged about it in my private blog back then. Time got the best of me, and I hadn’t revisited this recipe for over 4 years!!! The photos I had then were pretty crude. Also, my cooking skills weren’t nearly as honed in as they are now.

I’d been planning to make Danish pastries again for some time now. In fact, I made homemade cherry jam especially for cherry Danishes (A’s favorite). The cherry jam had been sitting in the freezer since summer 2012! Continue reading

Two-Ingredient Milk Chocolate Mousse (egg-free)

milk chocolate mousse

This one is not for people who suffer from allergies. It contains milk chocolate, that is milk and sugar. The mousse is made from chocolate and water. That’s right, I said chocolate and water. A has requested chocolate mousse for dessert this Christmas, and I stumbled on Heston’s recipe again. I had saved this some time ago, but never made it. Now is the time!

It really DOES work. Well, to a certain degree. Blumenthal’s recipe calls for dark/bittersweet (~70%) chocolate. I know we had a truck load of these in my house, but I knew that it would just be too dark in mousse for A. We also had a few bars of Equal Exchange Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut (soy-free). Continue reading

Dark Chocolate (vegan, dairy-, refined sugar-, soy-free)

Vegan Dark Chocolate

… homemade, with no refined sugars or other weird stuff. This smooth, rich, melt in your mouth chocolate is made with just three ingredients: coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder and maple syrup. It’s pure unadulterated deliciousness.

The reasoning behind me creating this recipe was because I was craving chocolate. The only problem is that I now have developed a sugar sensitivity, where every time I eat it, I have an eczema outbreak. This unfortunately includes eating it in chocolate. On top of that, so many chocolate bars out there contain soy, another thing that brings me out in a rash. There is one chocolate I used to dig, and still do, but choose not to eat it due to the sugar, it’s the Continue reading

Moist Chocolate and Beet Cake (gluten-, gum- and dairy-free)

Chocolate and Beet Cake

We were gifted a bounty of homegrown veggies recently. The tomatoes were eaten in a flash, thickly sliced, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and dusted with freshly crumbled dried basil; the green beans were devoured by tossing them in olive oil, garlic flakes, salt and pepper and then roasting them to almost-fry-like-perfection. Even the carrots were devoured as a side dish.

The only problem was the beet. A big, beautiful, deep red beet. What to do with such a big, beautiful, deep red beet? I’ve never liked beets. It stems back from school dinners (or more correctly, school lunches), where the only forms of beetroot I had seen, were of the pickled variety, from a jar. The smell, to me, was disgusting. The crunch from when people were eating it, to me, was disgusting. The red juices smeared on the plate, to me, was disgusting.  Since then, I’ve now grown up, and eaten beets, not the pickled version mind you. I still don’t like them. They are far too earthy for me. I know, I know, they are packed full of nutrients, but the only way I have enjoyed them is in the form of crisps/chips. Continue reading

Hot Chocolate: Just Chocolate & Milk

hot chocolate

Hot chocolate or hot cocoa is a decadent way I love to enjoy chocolate. Unfortunately, most hot chocolate is made from powdered mixes and are waaaaaaaay too sweet for me… don’t even get me started on the vile ingredients in them. This hot chocolate is made from two basic ingredients: chocolate  and milk. One could argue that the chocolate contains other ingredients, but still! I like to complicate matters a little and add a tiny pinch of cayenne and salt, but this is totally optional.

I love to sip on this after dinner. It’s like my after dinner treat. I don’t do this all the time, although I could afford to, because when made with unsweetened almond milk or semi-skimmed (2 %) milk, the total calories are ~125! I suppose some would argue that an espresso cup full of hot chocolate isn’t enough, but it’s just right to satisfy my chocolate craving. Continue reading

Vegan Chocolate & Walnut Refrigerator Fudge

chocolate walnut fudge df v

It takes just coconut oil, chocolate, walnuts and salt to make this vegan fudge. That’s it. You don’t need to beat it until your arm hurts, just heat, stir and chill. It is really that simple.

It’s not like the traditional fudge fudge, but it’s so darn good. It’s not chewy, but it is dense, rich, smooth, and just melts in your mouth perfectly. Two downsides: Continue reading

Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Crinkles (gluten-free)

brownie crinkle above brownie crinkle bitten

These chocolate bites are not for the faint hearted. They chock-full of chocolaty goodness, and are soft, chewy, fudgy and incredibly moreish. The best things about these morsels are that they are gluten-free, dairy-free and super easy to make.

Warning: if you can’t take your sugar well (.. like me), you must limit yourself to 1-2 per sitting, otherwise you will have a severe sugar high… and low afterwards. Continue reading

Vegan Dark Chocolate Mousse

vegan chocolate mousse

For the last couple of months or so, I have not eaten meat. That’s is, I no longer participate in eating mammalian flesh. I do still eat seafood, eggs and specific dairy. I guess that I am a pescetarian to people who likes labels. Since this dietary change, I’ve worried about my protein intake, not that I ever ate that much meat before. My usual portion of meat was around 125-150 g (4.3-5.25 oz) for dinner.

Tofu is a great source of protein and fiber. I know many people don’t really like soy, but I do, but always make sure that it’s organic (and non-GMO). To make this delicious dessert only takes 2-3 main ingredients: silken tofu, dark (bittersweet or semisweet) chocolate and a sweetener. To make it fancier, you could add vanilla, mint, coffee extracts or orange zest. Continue reading

Chewy Coconut Macaroons (gluten- and egg-free)

egg free coconut macaroon - edit

Crisp, chewy and moist coconut goodies for anyone?

Super simple recipe; just four ingredients create these coconut treats which are crisp on the outside and chewy and moist on the inside. Enjoy them naked, or partially enrobe in dark (bittersweet) chocolate.

The reason for looking up coconut macaroons is that we had a really good one from D:Floured. It was so good, we had to find a recipe to recreate this goodness at home, at a fraction of the cost. Each of these macaroons, although palm sized was ~$3.50 each, Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Cake (gluten-free)

flourless chocolate cake - whole flourless chocolate cake - sliced

Another year came around, and my birthday cake request this year was a flourless chocolate cake. Why? Mainly cos it is so damn good; secondly, and more importantly, I am now gluten-free (recommended by my naturopath). I did not want to cause any more problems in my body/digestive tract/gut, so refrained from making something with wheat flour alternatives and gums that create problems for me.

You can read more about my reasons for going gluten-free on my other blog “Living with Thyroid Problems

This cake was perfect! And made by A. It’s the second year he’s baked me a birthday cake! Ok, last year, he actually baked me 2 birthday cakes, so it’s averaging out at 1 1/2 birthday cakes each year. Not bad going!

Just four simple ingredients makes this wonderful cake. Continue reading

Chocolate Meringue Buttercream Frosting

chocolate buttercream frosting

My sister used to bake cakes a lot when we were growing up.  She often decorated her cakes with buttercream, something I really didn’t like.  It was made from a simple recipe, which called for equal amounts (mass) of butter and icing (powdered) sugar. It was just so dense and cloyingly sweet!  What was worse, was that she used catering margarine instead of butter - eurgh…

It was only in the last year that I discovered meringue based buttercream, and even then the recipe did not convince me to try it.  The only reason I tried was after we sampled a few cupcakes in Portland, and they were delicious.  I was quite shocked!

This chocolate meringue based buttercream is packed full of flavour, barely sweet, light, creamy and oh so delicious!  It also doesn’t form that horrible crust as many other frostings do. Continue reading

Buttercream Candies

chocolate buttercream candy orange buttercream candy

Buttercream candies: another thing I had no idea about until we popped into See’s Candies a while back and got a bunch of them. From my posting about chocolate buttercream frosting, you may have read that I really am not a big fan of buttercream.  I’m still not convinced about the buttercream candies neither, but A. loves them! They are creamy, sweet and well to be honest, packed full of flavor.

I made a batch of filled chocolates for A. because I wanted to put the awesome chocolate molds he gave me for Christmas into action. The variety included chewy caramel/toffee, chocolate buttercream and orange buttercream. I know, it’s only three varieties, but what is a girl to do when she is busy with work and other stuff? Continue reading